Working with Mick Gilbert Homes means working with your builder directly. You will have more control over the process of building your home.


We work with you to develop design and plans that suit you and your family’s needs. Bring your own plan to us or work with us to develop your ideas into a custom design for your family home. 

Our fixed-price contracts give you more control over how your home is designed and built. We lock down scope and specification early to keep your home project on time and on budget.


Your new home should be designed for you and your family to live in for decades to come. At Mick Gilbert Homes we’re committed to helping you move from your needs and wants to growing your ideas into a fully-fledged plan that suits you and your family. Quite often we work with our clients to develop the plans of their homes on a personal level.

Our award-winning drafting team work with you from early concept phase right through to final design documentation.

Our business prides itself on the quality of our workmanship and, as such, we select our subcontractors carefully. Our subcontractors share the same focus on family and passion for quality workmanship as we do.

Your Plan or Ours

We know that off-the-plan homes don’t offer you the customisation options you need to design the home you want. That’s why we work with you to make sure that your home will complement your family and lifestyle. 

While we encourage our clients to customise their home plans their home plans, standard plans are also an option for your home. You’re more than welcome to bring your home design to us and we’ll work with you to set realistic expectations so we can build your home on time and budget. 

Our standard plans are designed by our award-winning drafting team who pride themselves on their practical implementation of space and savvy design. 

Design & Construction

Our award-winning drafting team work diligently to translate your needs and ideas into precise working drawings.

Centralising our design and project management services allows you to better control the design of your home. We are committed to planning your home with you on a personal level. We pride ourselves on our ability to design and construct homes that you and your family will enjoy for decades to come. 

Our fixed price contracts give our clients peace of mind and removes the pressure on tight budgets, meaning we can tailor our designs to meet all budgets and lifestyle choices.

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